Privacy Policy

Last updated 10 May 2017

Website "" ( "Site", "", "we", "our") welcomes reader ( "User / s", "you"). By opening and using the site, as well as the contents of the site, you agree to the Terms of Condition and Privacy Policy.


We do our best to preserve your personal data. We use the standard security possibilities for the internet field, but we cannot guarantee that we can keep your personal information confidential.

2.1. What information may we collect?We may collect Non-personal Information and Personal Information. Non-personal Information is technical and behavioral information, such as operating system, screen resolution, time on site and so on.Personal Information - This information is provided voluntarily by you at the convention to provide it, for example to subscribe to our RSS feed, by providing your name and e-mail. At the same time, you are not required to provide personal information, visiting the site and reading the contents of the site.

2.2. How and why do we collect the information?Non-personal Information: We may collect information about your behavior on the site, such as which sections were viewed, how the page is displayed on your screen resolution. Information is collected through Google Analytics. This information is necessary to develop the most interesting sections of the site, and to identify internal errors of the site. This information may be shared to third parties, as this does not violate the laws on personal information.Personal Information: We may collect this information only with your consent, such as when you subscribe to the news section of the site, where you must specify the e-mail and so on. This information is necessary in order to send news to a particular user of the site, who gave his consent to this newsletter. Also, personal information may be required to answer your questions or to write about a service.

2.3. Sharing Information with Third Parties.We will not share your personal information to third parties, except Webflow service, which the site is based on. Personal information is stored on the servers of the service and is protected from theft and attacks.

2.4. Removing personal information.You can request removal of your personal information by writing to the e-mail info @ The request for removal will be carried out within 90 days from the date of the can without explanation and notification can delete all personal information of site users.

2.5. IP address.We identify your IP address or your location only for system administration. In addition, this information is necessary for troubleshooting and site improvements. We do not collect the IP address to identify your identity, as well as to get in touch with you.

2.6. Cookies, spamming.Cookies are only necessary for us to hide unwanted advertising from you. Cookies are also needed to make site use more convenient, for example, Cookies files retain your login information service reviews, in which you can write reviews and opinions.We do not send spam. We send only the information in the newsletter, which you have agreed upon.

2.7. Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yandex Webmaster, Bing Webmaster. This website uses Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Display Network tools, Yandex Analytics, Bing Webmaster, Google remarketing. All collected data is used in accordance with Google's policy.

2.7. Direct Marketing & Advertisements.Commercial distribution of any advertising can be sent to the user only if he has given his consent. One can unsubscribe at any time.

2.8. Third Party Software / Service.The site uses a third-party software, such as Webflow and Disqus. These services are designed to ensure the efficiency of the site, to protect it from possible attacks, and to expand the capabilities of the site.

2.9. LINK TO THIRD PARTY SITES.We try to place links on the website only of trusted sites, and sites that meet the requirements of the storage of personal information. However, we cannot guarantee the "purity" of links, since on the internet any incident can happen that may directly or indirectly have a negative impact on third-party link. We are not responsible for the activities of third parties, including the link efficiency, site. In particular we are not responsible in case you have transferred to third parties your personal information, including credit card data, and we will not be liable in case of loss, damage losses.

2.10. Changes to the Privacy Policy.If there are any changes in the Privacy Policy, we will update the information on this page. You automatically agree with the Privacy Policy by visiting the site and reading materials.

2.11. Questions.If you have questions, you can write to to ask the relevant question.