How to make money on binary options with a minimum deposit?


How to make money on binary options with a minimum deposit?


Zoe OkekeZoe Okeke
June 6, 2017
How to make money on binary options with a minimum deposit?

Most often, the question of earning money with a minimum deposit is usually asked by newbies who do not have as much experience or big money, but they have a desire to try what are binary options. But as practice and experience shows, the more you deposit, the easier it will be for you to earn, and the smaller the deposit, the harder it will be. That's just a law. As for me, the optimal amount to start with is 300-400 $, but even if you have less, you can still try.

But as you know, successful trading first of all is determined by the correctness of forecasts, which for beginners can become a real problem, since for a correct forecast one must have certain knowledge and skills, which some beginners have no idea about.

Well, let's take a closer look at the rules of how to earn with a minimum deposit.

‍Binary options with a minimum deposit

‍The minimum deposit concept is extensible and largely depends on the trader himself and his capabilities, for example, the IQ Option broker, gives access to a real account already starting from $ 10, while the AnyOption broker has a threshold of $ 250. At the same time, we should not forget that the yield on the same assets of these brokers may vary, so everyone chooses, what is more suitable for him.

‍Training in binary options trading


Binary options just like forex cannot stand to be rushed. Remember the rule "came-saw-conquered"? Here it does not work. For clarity, let's take an example from life.


In general, a few days ago I received a letter in which a man expressed his indignation about the strategy I recommended, arguing his dissatisfaction with the fact that I recommended using this strategy in alliance with the EUR/USD asset ... By the way, this was so, but a correction has to be made. The fact is that at the time of giving my recommendations, the currency pair was in a relatively calm state, that is, it was possible to predict its trend, but now the asset is going through a rather difficult period, which is accompanied by instability and high levels of volatility in both directions. In general, this person made one of the most common mistakes, he simply took and began to use the strategy thoughtlessly without even analyzing the market and assessing the current state of affairs on it. All that needed to be done in this case was simply to change EURUSD to a more stable asset, and to receive a profit.

‍Correctly choose the expiration time for the option


Trading with a minimum deposit has its own characteristics. Among which is the time of expiration. There is no point buying a long-term option with expiration time of a day or a week, because after its expiration you are likely to earn only a couple of bucks.

One of the best options in this case may be scalping. The expiration time can vary from 1 to 5 minutes. It should also be taken into account that as the expiration period decreases, risks increase, but when trading a minimum deposit, there is no particular choice.

With a minimum deposit, the main thing is control!


We all know that success is not a very permanent ally, so experienced traders do not rely on it in particular, which is not true for newcomers who by chance earn a decent amount, and then think that this will always happen, they subsequently drain the deposit.


So that such a thing does not happen it is necessary to forget about money management, observing which you will independently supervise risks. Even if you see that today luck is on your side, do not try to buy an option for all of your funds, increase the amount of investment in proportion to the amount of your deposit.

Do not look for big and fast profits


An irresistible desire to break a big jackpot is another mistake that is very common among beginners. Feeling the taste of victory, the newbie trader thinks he understands perfectly and can accurately predict the market, and here lies the main danger, because no one has yet learned to accurately predict the movement of the market. So it's better to split your deals into as small parts as possible, so it's better to buy 10 options at $ 10 than 1 for $ 100, I think you get the idea. The next step: choose a reliable broker from the rating.

And finally I would like to remind you that option trading is a very serious and profitable occupation, and only those who are willing to learn, experiment and comprehend new things, regardless of mistakes and failures, will succeed. 

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