Top 3 Rules: Martingale Method (Binary Options)


Top 3 Rules: Martingale Method (Binary Options)


Zoe OkekeZoe Okeke
May 19, 2017
Top 3 Rules: Martingale Method (Binary Options)

Currently, this topic is quite relevant both among beginners and more experienced traders of binary options. Some think this strategy is a waste of money, which promises only the discharge of the deposit, while others say that this is a true grail and a gold mine in the world of trading. In this article, we will try to consider all the pros and cons, and also try to find out whether it's worth using the Martingale method in practice or if it's a deliberate deposit drain.

Martingale's strategy is awesome!

Are binary options brokers deceiving us?

Despite the abundance of material and the successful experience of an entire army of traders, there are still people who believe that binary options is fraudulent, and forex is not. This opinion basically exists among those who see binary options as a way of making some easy money and who don't want to learn. While the progressive people have long understood that binary options with the right approach can be much more profitable than forex and here's why:

  • If the forecast is incorrect, you lose a fixed amount of money
  • In order to earn on binary options, it is enough just to predict in which direction the market will go
  • Extensive selection of various types of options
  • Simplified technical and fundamental analysis
  • There is no fixation on the points, you just need to specify where the market will be in a certain period of time
  • On binary options it's much easier to manage risks

In a nutshell, successful trading on binary options boils down to simple technical analysis and correct trend prediction.

How to use Martingale in trading?

First of all you need to understand that binary options is not Russian roulette and that you shouldn't rely on the 50/50 probability theory, unfortunately this is not understood by most traders and oftentimes they try to make money on binary options by clicking the put and call buttons thoughtlessly. Unfortunately this kind of an approach is doomed to failure.

Of course, the Martingale method is not a universal formula for earning on binary options, however, with a competent approach, the profitability of this strategy can be brought to 80, and sometimes even 90%!

When using this strategy, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Do not trade directly during the release of important economic news, as well as some time after their release
  • You always need to trade with the trend and never against it
  • The forex market is constantly in motion and it needs to be taken into account
  • This strategy is applicable only during the American and European sessions

Speaking more specifically, trading on news is extremely unpredictable and often important economic releases create a tangible excitement in the market, which is why it's worth refraining from trading at the time of their release.

For profitable trading, you need to constantly monitor the current trends and always follow them.

It is better not to trade at the opening of the European session, for this there are many other, more appropriate strategies.

If the market consolidates for several days, then it's better to refrain from trading, because at that time there is no clear trend.

It should be noted that this strategy is good for both beginners and experienced traders, but remember the following rules:

  • Martingale's method is not a universal solution, but simply a sound trading strategy that can show excellent results in able hands
  • Never stop on the achieved results and continue to learn new things.
  • This strategy does not guarantee 100% result, like any other strategy, but if you do not give up after the first failures, then you will definitely get a good result.

Try Martingale's strategy

If you liked this method of trading, you can always practice for free from one of the recommended brokers, for example IQ Option or see the entire list binary options brokers.

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